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3rd Edition

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    CIN number or Passport number

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    How did you find out about the call for applications?

    Did you participate in the 1st edition of Prix Mustaqbal ?

    Did you participate in the 2nd edition of Prix Mustaqbal ?

    Have you ever applied for Prix Mustaqbal ?

    Have you participated in an artist residency at Jardin Rouge/Montresso* Art Foundation ?

    Please prepare a file named "YourFirstName_YourName" including the following documents :

    • The note of intent outlining the candidate's artistic approach, written in French, Arabic or English, or recorded on video.
    • CV and portfolio (if available)
    • High-resolution photos of the series presented (from 6 to 12 photos), accompanied by their EXIF Signature (Exchangeable Image File Format)
    • A Word or PDF document containing the captions of the photos, specifying the title, the date, the techniques, the supports
    • The declaration of honor duly completed and signed. Click here to download the model

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