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4th Edition

A word from the chairwoman​

Fondation TGCC launches its call for applications for the fourth edition of the Prix Mustaqbal. This edition, distinguished by its freedom of thematic expression, invites up-and-coming artists to submit an existing or planned artistic project that considers the world around us.

« Sans titre » is an invitation to reveal your vision. In a time when the effects of diversity and personal experiences increase, artistic practice emerges as a paradigm guiding minds toward a deeper and more nuanced understanding of our surroundings.

As world witnesses and interpreters, artists share their processes and position themselves as mirrors reflecting the complexities and subtleties unique to our time. Aware of their social roles, they go on a journey to challenge established norms, give voice to those marginalized in silence, and encourage critical thought.

Artists are agents of change, helping to shape a world where freedom, justice, and compassion dominate. In this shared quest, art becomes a powerful instrument for overcoming barriers while shaping a meaningful and beautiful future.

Within the vortex of contemporary artistic creation, the younger generation of artists emerges as a dynamic force imbued with innovative ideas and daring perspectives. In light of this creative explosion, supporting young contemporary artists becomes imperative and represents an invaluable investment in our society’s cultural and artistic future.

Meryem Bouzoubaa

Chairwoman - Fondation TGCC

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