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3rd Edition

A word from the chairwoman​

The intersection, which symbolizes the crossing of paths, multiple choices and possible ways, is a source of inspiration and reflection for many contemporary artists. However, in today’s society, where technology, artificial intelligence and digitalization have reached unprecedented proportions, the notion of choice is becoming uncertain, even illusory.

Human 2.0 reveals the crossroads we are at: the previous analog world, the contemporary almost-virtual world and the world of tomorrow, that of a new technological disruption.

As it appears that artificial intelligence and modern technology are making our decisions for us, our ability to exercise free will is being called into doubt. Are we really facing authentic choices, or are we rather subjected to invisible algorithmic programming? Confusion dominates, as we realize that other factors frequently affect or even manipulate our decisions.

For its third edition, the Prix Mustaqbal invites artists to reflect on our relationship with technology and its place in our lives. The digitalization of the world has disrupted our lifestyles and our social interactions, but at what cost? Have we lost our freedom of decision and our ability to make autonomous choices? The intersection, once a sign of freedom and choice, is turning into a place where directions are determined by machines and algorithms.

This new edition of Prix Mustqabal invites us to become aware of our choices and the need to reclaim our decision-making power before it is too late. We encourage artists to share their own view of the intersection through their photographs, in order to provide us with an innovative and inspiring interpretation of our complex relationship with technology and the choices that shape our lives.

Meryem Bouzoubaa

Chairwoman - Fondation TGCC

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